About Fence & Deck Marketers

We are exclusive to fence & deck businesses.

Who We Serve

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that works exclusively with fencing & decking businesses.

We help fencing & decking businesses grow & dominate their market through our proprietary digital marketing systems.

Fence Businesses

Serving the United States and Canada

Deck Businesses

Serving the United States and Canada

About Our Owner & Founder

My name is Alex Danner and I am the founder & CEO of Fence & Deck Marketers.

I have been in the digital marketing space for about 10 years but my first digital marketing agency, Danner Digital, was started in 2017.

Many of the team members from DD are the same as Fence & Deck Marketers, so if interested, you can check it out here: dannerdigital.com.

I started off as a software engineer building websites and mobile apps but quickly realized that while it’s great to have an amazing website for your business, you want it to work for you!

Enter SEO. SEO not only changed the game for my clients, but for my agency as well.

Using our proprietary digital marketing systems that have been tested and developed relentlessly over the years, we have been able to bring TONS of leads in for our clients.

Alex Danner - CEO of Fence & Deck Marketers

How Fence & Deck Marketers Was Formed

Although we were generating amazing results for a crazy wide array of industries, I always wanted to find a niche that would allow us to really perfect our systems.

I took a long time to think about this but eventually decided on fencing & decking companies.

I had been getting great results for businesses in this niche already, and I always had a huge respect for this type of work.

I own a cabin in Pennsylvania with 300 acres worth of 8’ high deer fence and on top of helping to put that up, I am constantly fixing the fence and gates.

So for all of these reasons, Fence & Deck Marketers was born and we haven’t looked back.


We understand that some home service businesses offer multiple services but as long as one of them is either fencing or decking, you would qualify for our services.
We take the time to understand every business we work with before starting work so the content we write fits your brand perfectly. Our onboarding process is extremely thorough so we can ask questions that will help us really understand your business.
Our content writers understand fencing & decking businesses so you won’t need to worry about our content not making sense.
Some of the digital marketing tools we use include websites, SEO, PPC, Social Media Ads, Social Media posting, and more!